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Ethical clothing designed and inspired by music was our pivotal light bulb moment and the dream of starting an ethical music lifestyle brand became a reality. Welcome to Crepe Records!

Crepe Records combine their passion for music and ethical living to create a unique music inspired ethical lifestyle brand that makes you look good and feel good about wearing and owning the products that they offer. It has always been important to the founders how products are made from an ethical and design perspective, where they are from and who they are made by and this is reflected in the exciting range of ethical clothing and Vinyl inspired artwork that they have designed themselves. The sustainably made high quality audio products that they have hand-picked also help to support charities, promote fair-trade and sustainability, besides showcasing traditional wood craft skills.

Wanting to design ethically made music inspired t-shirts, Crepe Records began with creating a small collection of fair-trade, premium, organic and sustainably made ethical clothing themed around music and hand-printed in small batches locally in South East London. Being fun and affordable, they have made people smile with their anthropomorphic characters and re-invented the stereotype that is often associated with ethical clothing.

Their community of suppliers and makers together with the founders are the soul of the organisation and you can be sure that each product has been made transparently, followed rigorous Fairtrade standards and that the people involved and the environment we live have been treated with respect in the creation of each item. Rather than making clothing as quickly and as cheaply as possible, their collection of ethical clothing is made slowly and with care, giving you high quality, long lasting garments with a touch of whimsy. It also provides you with a kinder choice on the skin, a safer environment for the people who make your clothes and minimises waste material.

Following the problems that have arisen due to “Fast Fashion”, Crepe Records wanted to “be the change they wanted to see” in the fashion industry to ensure a better future for the planet and the people who live on it. With music at the core of their design inspiration and high valued ethics at the heart of everything they stand for, Crepe Records hope to inspire people into wanting to live a more conscious lifestyle.