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Max Cooper

Track: "Chronology" from Tileyard Improvisations, Vol. 1 [Gearbox Records] 2014

Mini Bio: Born and brought up in Belfast, with a PhD in Computational Biology, Max Cooper now lives in London as an electronica & techno producer, creating highly-produced, emotionally jarring electronica that is totally spell binding. 

Cooper's sound has been described as a religious experience by some and his compositions are an audio journey worth taking your time over-if you get lost on the way to work listening to his tracks, that would come as no surprise. His audio and visual artistry plays on juxtaposition, deeply rooted, but with wings- a fitting soundtrack to Alexander McQueen's Savage Beauty exhibition, if the curator had only been aware. His sound has the ability to stop you in your tracks, enlighten you, raise your spirits one minute and bring you crashing down the next. Cooper's "Theatre of the Absurddraws parallels to the intro bars of Aphex Twin's-"Windowlicker" 1999 (four minutes in), experimental, but totally controlled. His live performances have that rare ability to span techno houses and dance floors, mainstream festivals such as Glastonbury and Latitude, as well as sit-down concert halls. He has collaborated with composers such as Nils Frahm, and Tom Hodge as well as pop acts such as Hot Chip and MMOTHS. Cooper will be on tour through 2015, so go and see him. Let us know what you think of his tracks here. 




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