On the Quest for Hard Wax

Crepe Records on the Quest for Hard wax

Throughout the year we'll be bringing you the best in music, our mixes & playlists, new releases and recommendations that will lift your spirits for 2016! We're also going to publish our track lists for each mix by popular demand, making it easy for you to find the must have tracks. 


    If January is denting your groove then listen to "Bam Bam Berlin" for an up-lifting shot of our favourite tracks for this month. This mix has been inspired by our recent trip to Berlin over the New Year to celebrate "Silvester". We found Berlin's music scene fascinating and split definitively into two, "Speak Easy" and "Techno". Keine Probleme as it makes things simple. We've included some fresh tracks, as well as a few old favourites we've revived.

    Crepe Records at Konrad Tonz

    One bitterly cold evening, we went on the hunt for "Hard Wax", a record store in the Kreuzberg region of Berlin with a reputation that proceeds it. Thanks to a local barman, who kindly left his bar and led us down a dark alley way, into what seemed like a high-rise portacabin and up three flights of stairs, we finally found it. An aladdin cave of delights, with the sheer number of records we were surrounded by, it was hard to know where to even start. A lot of techno was discovered and absorbed, as well as a bit of Chicago house, but we'll save that for the next mix.

    The hard to find Hard Wax but Crepe Records found it!

    Here are a few details on some of the tracks we've chosen to include in "Bam Bam Berlin"

    Listen out for this new track that we love- Riton (British music producer Henry Smithson) feat: Kah-lo with Rinse and Repeat, a bouncy house/techno tune that we managed to get an early release for you (due out in February). Kay-lo's vocals are monotone, but that's what makes it so catchy. Favourite lyric- "This is not how I woke up, but it's how I look now". Her voice has similarities to Azelia Banks with the familiar vibe of 212, see what you think. 

    Crepe Records recommends Rinse & Repeat

    Another one for our techno spotters is Pan-Pot who are a Berlin based techno duo who tag themselves as "the dark side of the force" (fits with the Star Wars hype at the minute, we've not heard any Techno in Star Wars yet...maybe the next one) with a track called Your Attention. Their music has thrived underground because of its techno roots, but listen and you'll find that there are a lot of House elements in their tracks which some might find more listenable. Known for their amazing live performances, they released "The Other" and The Other Remixes in December 2015 where this re-mix is from by Nicole Moudaber, a Lebanese-Nigerian music producer/DJ (She's playing at XOYO on Feb 6th and Pan-pot are playing at The EGG on 30th January) 

    .Crepe Records recommends Pan Pot

    Another German influence for us for a while now, is Peter Fox. You might remember the "Alles Neu" instrumental being used for a Nike advert and it was also sampled by Plan B for the film "Ill Manors". After much searching a few years back, we managed to get the Stadtaffe album (Urban Ape) on import. This is still one of my favourite tracks off the album and we think he should have got more credit for it. 

    Crepe Records recommends Peter Fox


    Raver is another track that we have resurrected by Burial. Its deep and melodic. Burial is an electronic producer from South London. His old skool Jungle and U.K garage influences are noticeable in this track and his acclaimed album Untrue, which was totally created using just a digital audio editor. Impressive- particularly the stretched pitch wavering vocals in this track that gives it its emotiveness.

    Crepe Records recommends Burial Untrue

    &ME Remix of Damian Lazarus and the Ancient Moons' "Vermillion" He is a Berlin-based DJ/producer of House and Techno. He does this magical thing of being able to amalgamate techno and soulful house to create beautifully composed tracks that are reminiscent of the 90s' Deep House.


    Crepe Records recommends &Me


    Right at the end of the mix is a small tribute to David Bowie made up of a superb track by Benjamin Clementine called Condolence and of course Bowie, who actually lived in Berlin during 1976-1979. It is here that the second of his collaboration albums with Brian Eno, "Heroes" was made, which reflected the feeling at that time of the Cold War. His contribution to music and fashion has been legendary and we continue to be inspired by his originality. 

    We hope you enjoy our specially curated Berlin influenced mix to banish away those January blues! To hear the latest, just follow us for more news on Music & Fashion. Bis zum nächsten mal.

    Crepe Records in Berlin

    "Bam Bam Berlin" track list January 2016

    1. Bowls- Caribou
    2. F.E.A.R- Ian Brown
    3. Raver- Burial
    4. Alles Neu- Peter Fox
    5. Vermillion- Damian Lazarus &ME remix the Ancient Moons
    6. High life- Daft Punk
    7. Your Attention (Nicole Moudaber Remix)- Pan-Pot
    8. Sometimes I feel so deserted- Chemical Brothers
    9. Dance Reaction-Metro Area
    10. Rinse and Repeat- Riton featuring Kah-lo
    11. Speechless (Gesaffelstein remix)-Agoria
    12. Too Much Information (Laolu Remix)- Dele Sosimi Afrobeat Orchestra
    13. Condolence-Benjemin Clementine
    14. Heroes (Single Version)- David Bowie



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