Changing Lives Through the Power of Music

Many of us music lovers can think of a single artist, album, or song that changed our life for good. In fact, some of us can even remember the exact note in a song that changed everything and the way it made us feel. There’s no denying that music has the power to change.

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For many years, music has been a powerful tool in the fight for change. From Bob Dylan to Gil Scott-Heron and Rage Against The Machine to Bright Eyes, music has been an important mouthpiece for many of the biggest social, economic and environmental issues:

  • In 1964, Sam Cooke promised ‘A Change is Gonna Come’.
  • In 1970, in ‘Big Yellow Taxi’ Joni Mitchell sang about the loss of natural beauty, replaced with concrete – “Don’t it always seem to go, that you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone. They paved paradise and put up a parking lot.”
  • In 1971, Marvin Gaye lamented the “oil wasted on the oceans and upon our seas” in ‘Mercy Mercy Me’.
  • Pixies’ ‘Monkey Gone to Heaven’ protested global warming – “now there’s a hole in the sky and the ground’s not cold and if the ground’s not cold everything is gonna burn”.
  • In 2015, Neil Young launched a direct attack on agribusiness Monsanto in his album ‘The Monsanto Years’. With new album ‘The Visitor’ set for release on the 1st December, Neil is continuing his almost 50-year fight for environmental change.

At Crepe Records, we are proud to be part of the mission for changing lives through the power of music, regularly promoting exciting new music and mixes on our blog, creating music inspired ethical fashion and artwork and even providing a range of beautiful, ethically made headphones and speakers from LSTN Sound Company!

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Not only do LSTN products provide the exceptional sound quality to help provide those life changing musical moments, but every pair of headphones or speakers purchased help children around the world to hear. Like us, LSTN Sound Company was founded with the sole purpose of changing lives through the power of music, pledging that proceeds from sales of all products go towards funding their charity partner, Starkey Hearing Foundation. By raising the funds to provide hearing aids for children worldwide, LSTN help children to hear and enjoy music and sound.

LSTN Wireless Troubadours at Crepe Records

All LSTN audio equipment is made ethically, using real sustainably sourced wood, producing a collection that looks good, sounds good, does good and helps you to feel good.

We’re so excited to bring you some of our favourite products from the LSTN Sound Company collection!  

To find out more about our musical mission to leave the world in a better shape than we found it, and read more on LSTN Sound Company and Starkey Hearing Foundation, please visit our ethics page.


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