Introducing Our New Range of Art Prints – Music Icons

At Crepe Records, all our uniquely designed, limited edition art prints are influenced by our shared love of music.

Our newest collection Music Icons is inspired by some of the most iconic musicians of our time, artists that transcend time or genre, influencing millions of people in much more than just their musical tastes. Icons are figures of true admiration, often representing important ideas or beliefs, or even a way of life.

For our Music Icons collection, we've carefully chosen four artists that we believe to be amongst the most iconic musical figures of our life time. These limited edition art prints were designed by Manisha from Crepe Records and are printed using only the highest quality grade textured paper and vivid pigments.

The Music Icons Collection

Björk – Japanese Homogenic Limited Edition Framed Giclée Art Print

Bjork Limited edition Print by Crepe Records
Icelandic songstress Björk can certainly be considered an icon of the music and fashion worlds. With an eclectic musical style drawing on influences from a wide range of genres, she is just as famous for her striking outfits and associations with legendary fashion designers.
This limited edition framed print is based on the artwork for the 1997 album “Homogenic”, in which Björk is featured in an amazing Japanese kimono designed by Alexander McQueen. Following our recent visit to Japan, we were inspired to create this “Kawaii” style caricature, presenting Björk as a warrior, surrounded by origami birds and backed by an intense red sun.

Daft Punk – Limited Edition Framed Giclée Art Print

Daft Punk Limited Edition Print by Crepe RecordsFamed duo Daft Punk are pioneers of the French house movement, combining elements of funk, disco, rock, synth-pop and techno music to create a unique electronic sound. As well as their music, they are infamous for their visual stylisation and have worn helmets and gloves in most public appearances since 2001.

Our art was inspired by the track “Harder, Better, Faster Stronger”, celebrating the unique robot personas that Daft Punk have embraced for so many years. We used block shapes and shaded colours to represent the metallic appearance of the helmets and emphasise the robotic elements within the track. Their bodies are formed of repeated patterns of the words “Harder, Better, Faster Stronger”.

Tupac – California Love Limited Edition Framed Giclée Art Print

Tupac Limited Edition Print by Crepe RecordsTupac Shakur is arguably one of the most iconic and infamous West Coast rappers of all time, with his record “California Love” having influenced hip hop music ever since its release.

Our artwork conjures an image of Tupac cruising by the beach in California in a pink Cadillac, bass turned up on his stereo and wearing his signature bandana.


Bowie – Aladdin Sane Limited Edition Framed Giclée Art Print

Bowie Limited Edition Print by Crepe RecordsWhen anyone mentions the term, music icon, David Bowie is probably one of the first names that comes to mind no matter who you ask. With a musical career spanning from the 60’s until 2016, Bowie wrote and performed some of the most memorable songs of the last century, as well as completely reinventing his style in more ways than one, multiple times. From Ziggy Stardust, through the Thin White Duke, the Elder Statesman, right up to Blackstar, every era of Bowie was truly iconic.

For our limited edition Bowie print, Manisha’s inspiration was the “Aladdin Sane” album cover, but also the earlier Ziggy Stardust/Starman era. Our art presents Bowie as Aladdin Sane, made up of countless coloured stars on a purple hued expanse of space – he is quite literally a Starman, bringing a message of hope to the youth of Planet Earth.

Limited Edition

Ensuring that our special prints uphold their rarity, we have produced a run of just fifty of each design, all of which are signed by Manisha and inscribed with their number in pencil. All prints are 12” x 12”, designed to look like LP album covers – perfect for any music lover.

Printed on 310gsm thick museum grade paper, with a textured surface and ivory base, the quality of our prints is apparent. All art prints are framed in a black, wooden LP sized picture frame with a glass front.

Don’t miss out on the chance to brighten up your home or give a truly original gift to a loved one in time for Christmas!

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