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Ibiza Sunset taken by Crepe Records

As the congregation of travellers, holiday makers, islanders and party-goers press pause for a moment to admire the glow of a deep orange sunset permeating the skyline, it is time to bring the tempo up a level and let the hedonism take over. Happy sun-soaked sounds are what makes Ibiza a positive, buzzing, minimetropolis of all things music, love and freedom. 

Ibiza is going strong and still has that magical energy that makes you want to return time and time again. This month we are sharing some of our favourite tracks being played on the Balearic island this Summer. We are proud to say that there’s a lot of British dance music producers and artists making good quality old fashioned house tracks that we’ve given a shout out to below.


Camelphat Cola recommended by Crepe Records

Cola by Camelphat & Elderbrook

Another excellent release on the Defected label by Camelphat & Elderbrook. You wonder whether the lyric “she sips the coca cola she can’t tell the difference yet” is about telling the difference between Pepsi and Coke, but it definitely makes you want to listen and the track likeable with a powerful beat that will make you move. Camelphat are a British music producing duo complemented by cool vocals from Elderbrook.

Wanna Give It Up By Ralph Rosario recommended by Crepe Records

Wanna Give It Up Ralphi Rosario, featuring Linda Clifford

Ralphi Rosario is one of the pioneers of Chicago House music so it is no surprise that his new track released in July 2017 oozes that lush soulful sound that makes up that primary element of uplifting Chicago house.

4am in London by DJ S.K.T recommended by Crepe Records

4am in London by DJ S.K.T feat Iris gold

Stubby raw vocals makes this most definitely the kind of track that you hear at 3am and think I’ll just stay on the dance floor for one more song. Before you know it its 4am and there is no home in sight. Very current and a quality house tune from DJ S.K.T, a British music producer and DJ who specialises in experimental bass and deep house.

Pasilda -Seige Remix recommended by Crepe Records

Pasilda- Seige Remix

One from 2016, but we feel it got missed along the way, this Seige remix gives the classic Pasilda a future sound boost, still with that beautiful Balearic beat that is so reminiscent of Ibiza.

South of the River by Tom Misch recommended by Crepe Records

South of the River- Detroit Swindle Remix- Tom Misch

Amsterdam based remixers, Detroit Swindle have made a dream collaboration remix of 'South of the River' by South London musician, Tom Misch. Tom is a classically trained vocalist, violinist and guitarist. His production on this track is finely tuned, built on acid synths that take you on a journey through the track, complimented beautifully by Tom's soulful vocals.

Pumping it Up by Risk Assessment recommended by Crepe Records


Pumping it Up by Risk Assessment

This IS old skool “jackin house” through and through and a track that will really get your feet going, a fabulous one to end on. Enjoy!



  1. Wanna Give It Up (Jamie 3:26 Disco Party Version)- Ralphi Rosario & Linda Clifford
  2. Pasilda (Seige Remix) - Afro Medusa 
  3. Liquid Sprit (Claptone Remix) Gregory Porter
  4. Cola - Camelphat & Elderbrook
  5. Um Toque- Sonzeira
  6. Your Light Shines On- Carl Cox
  7. Tom's Diner (7" version) DNA feat Suzanne Vega
  8. 4AM in London- DJ S.K.T featuring Iris Gold
  9. Sunshine People- Dario D'Attis
  10. South of the River (Detroit Swindle Remix) - Tom Misch
  11. Pumping It Up (Main mix) -Risk Assessment


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