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Interview by Trusted Clothes

by Natasha Taneka @maonei10 Link to the full interview with Manisha here:  For Trusted clothes, I had the honor to interview a funky fashion brand whose aim is to combine music and chic fashion ethically. They opened up to me with the following questions sharing their motivations for starting Crepe Records. Music has a long history in liberation of groups of people, and musicians are seen as critical voices in society for this, as a DJ and a Designer how did you find the courage to share the message of ethical fashion? At the moment ethical fashion is not very accessible to people, because fast fashion dominates the high street to meet the demands of the industry. I wanted to bring awareness...

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Music Inspired Clothing Line Crepe Records Urge Fashion Fans to Hoard Records, Not Clothes

By Eileen Pegg | MON, JUL 11, 2016 10:45 CET In a fashion landscape that encourages a constant demand for new collections, fuelling a culture of fast, trend-led, throwaway fashion, new clothing brand Crepe Records calls for a new approach to great style. Inspired by music and a passion for ethically sourced clothing, Crepe Records urges fashion fans to stop collecting a multitude of throwaway clothes, opting for a more considered, staple wardrobe of only high quality pieces instead. Formed from a love of music, the original inspiration of Crepe Records can be seen throughout the collection of premium graphic T-shirts and limited edition scarves, with characters such as Chimp DJ’s, Tweet Beats, Disco Snail and Funky Badger being available...

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Crepe Records in the Press

  Hoxton Fashion w Supermalt: Crepe Records  Listen to us on The Hoxton Fashion Show talking about all things fashion and music (of course)! Here's the link: Listen here! 😎 1:22:00 onwards. ____________________________________________ The Moral High Ground"   "The Moral High Ground" WWB highlights some of the top sustainable, ethical and Fair Trade fashion brands 7 June 2016 Written by Rebecca Jackson __________________________________________________ "Music and Fashion Combine for a Festival Ready Look This Summer with the New SS 2016 Range from Crepe Records" WED, APR 13, 2016 14:40 CET Written by Eileen Pegg Evenings are getting lighter which means music fans all over the world can breathe a sigh of relief, happy in the knowledge that the time for gigs, festivals and holidays is drawing...

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