Creative Design

Funky Badger illustration in pen and ink


"Designed and Refined in South East London"

All our designs originate from a music related idea and our current t-shirt collection for Spring/Summer 2016 features melody-loving animals with a story behind each design. An idea is first sketched up and illustrated using pen and ink. This is then scanned and turned it into a printable digital design from our tiny studio in London. "Funky Badger"  for example, actually came about through watching people in a music store and this guy just reminded me of a badger, slowing picking his way through the Soul section. The nod to Fat Boy Slim's "Funk Soul brother" seemed an amusing fit.


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 Detail means everything to us. We meticulously consider each item of clothing holistically in terms of its fit, feel, colour, print placement and style. All of our designs are  printed using traditional silk-screen printing techniques to maintain the quality of the print and keep true to the original designs. We also noticed that women didn’t have as many options for good quality ethical clothing that was flattering to the female form and fun, so we consciously designed a collection within our current range to fill this space.


We believe ethics and design should always go hand in hand. We strongly believe that by being an ethical company, operating transparently and by carefully selecting the best quality fair-trade materials to work with, we are giving you, our customers an even higher quality item of clothing right from the start. We are also pleased to be working with other local British businesses to print our clothing from sunniest South East London too, so the finished product is truly designed and printed in South East London. 

Here's a short video on how our ethical clothing is traditionally hand-printed in the studio using silk-screens.