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Ethical Clothing by Crepe Records

Ethical clothing is the antithesis to modern-day “Fast Fashion”. During the 90s’ the fashion industry’s profit margins were under immense pressure, due to high competition between retailers. To meet the demands of the consumer and to keep up with the trends seen on the catwalks of high end fashion houses, retailers had to find a way of mass producing more clothes faster, more cheaply and quality was accepted as a trade-off. This would only be made possible through outsourcing manufacturing to Asia, China and South America where conditions of production were left unmonitored, harbouring the use of harmful pesticides, forced labour and unsafe working conditions, solely to appease demand from the West for a fast turnaround of garments. This resulted in cheap, mass-produced clothing of short-lived quality to be rapidly cycled onto the high street from season to season in response to trend, and so began “Fast Fashion”. This immediate availability of style and trends made consumer demand grow exponentially. People lowered their expectation of quality in clothing, needing it only to last a season at best, resulting in huge amounts of clothing being dumped into landfill, contributing to the increase in global warming.

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Ethical clothing, in contrast focuses on sourcing, designing and manufacturing clothing in valued conditions, benefiting the people working in the industry, whilst reducing the impact on the environment. Rather than making clothing as quickly and as cheaply as possible to keep up with trend, ethical clothing promotes timeless, high quality, long lasting garments.

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Ethical clothing encourages transparency in the fashion industry while preserving the environment and includes choosing organic materials that can be sustained, providing a kinder choice for the customer, a safer environment for workers, while minimising waste.

Ethical clothing also includes sustainably made clothing as a more eco-friendly way of making clothes that can be maintained without depleting resources from the environment. Fast Fashion companies were found to rarely disclose their manufacturing methods, using artificial pesticides and chemicals causing harm to the environment, and the health of farmers and factory workers. As mass produced clothing has be produced at a fast rate, this inevitably leads to questionable labour practices where employees are forced to work extended working hours under unsafe and unhygienic conditions. The “Fashion Revolution” has helped tremendously to bring awareness to these issues following the Rana Plaza factory collapse which killed 1138 people in 2013. They have created the Fashion Transparency Index, ranking 150 of the largest global fashion brands according to the level of information they disclose about their supply chains, this has prompted many brands into making positive changes to improve their manufacturing processes and care of staff.


By rijans - Flickr: Dhaka Savar Building Collapse Rana Plaza

Photo Credit: By rijans - Flickr: Dhaka Savar Building Collapse, CC BY-SA 2.0.

Crepe Records and their community of suppliers and makers are the soul of the organisation. We do not support or tolerate any type of inhuman activity and our partnered suppliers are professional and thoroughly committed to being socially responsible in caring for workers, providing a fair wage and helping to protect the environment. Crepe Records believes in “being the change you want to see” and continuing the effort towards improving the fashion industry to ensure a better future.

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We have created an ethical fashion collection that looks and feels good and is both fun and affordable, changing the stereotyped look that is often associated with Ethical Fashion. With music at the core of our design inspiration and high valued ethics at the heart of everything we stand for, we hope to inspire people into wanting to live a more conscious lifestyle.

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