Ethical Fashion

Crepe Records Ethical Fashion

A holistic approach towards sustainability, ethical fashion is a green cloth-manufacturing movement that benefits society without posing a threat to the environment.

Ethical fashion involves sourcing raw materials and manufacturing clothing in a conscious way that overcomes the major problems that “Fast Fashion” has generated to create premium, long lasting garments. It encourages everyone involved in the end to end supply chain, to proactively work in a better way and address problems of the modern-day fashion world.

Exploitative child and adult labour, not paying a fair wage, unsafe working conditions, harmful chemicals used in raw material production, unnecessary waste, and disregarding the environment are some of the issues that still persist in the fashion industry right now. By designing a music inspired sustainable fashion collection, Crepe Records is passionate about bringing change to these issues and demonstrating that the way ethical fashion is created, should be the way all clothing is made in the future.

 Do good look good feel good Crepe Records

From eco-friendly sourcing to workers' rights, Crepe Records believes in respecting the planet and its residents. Our aim is to design unique, premium quality clothing with minimal impact on nature that will make you look and feel good about wearing it. Crepe Records clothing is made from organic and sustainable cotton, viscose and bamboo fibres produced using natural fertilisers that are safe for the soil and farmers. We have a transparent audit trail that ensures no chemicals harmful to the environment and people, are used to grow the crop that is used to make our products. Our clothing adheres to OEKO-TEX Standard 100 for textile production and “Confidence in Textiles”.

Crepe Records Ethics

 Crepe Records has the utmost respect for the workers who help to produce our clothing at all stages within the supply chain. We are strictly against child labour and employee exploitation. Our suppliers pay their workers a living wage, ensure that there are legal labour contracts in place and provide safe working conditions. We are also continuing to work hard to reduce waste and plastic consumption, a step towards building a cleaner, greener fashion industry, which we hope will encourages society to embrace a  better way of producing fashion.