The Crepe Records Story

Crepe Records offer uniquely designed, hand-printed ethical clothing and lifestyle products for music lovers. All of their clothing and artwork is lovingly hand-drawn in their studio in Forest Hill and screen printed in London, England. 

It all started from a shared love of music..

Crepe Records loves music

From standing up in her school assembly to read a eulogy to Kurt Cobain, Manisha has always had a love of music and art. It was whilst studying Engineering at Bristol University in the 90's that her love of house music quickly grew. She started her record collection as a student, despite not having enough spare cash to buy a record player but eventually taught herself how to DJ by buying a set of second hand decks from a friend. Her knowledge of tracks from classical to drum 'n' bass is impressive.

Manisha in the Club

Justin is always listening to music. The only time he isn't, would probably be when he is sleeping. His love and collection of music from all genres and corners of the Earth is vast. If you play his collection on "random", there are some pretty unusual and fascinating tracks in there! He's always got his ears open for new music and loves going to live gigs. He spent a lot of his time travelling the globe to various music festivals to experience all kinds of sounds, "Lake of Stars" in Malawi has to be his all time favourite.

Justin at Lake of Stars

So..Justin and Manisha went to a Chilly Gonzales Gig on their second date (it was an awesome gig)


Not long after, they had a pancake brunch in a cafe in South-West London and it was there that they had an idea. Music and Fashion have gone hand in hand for decades and they dreamt of creating a lifestyle brand that mixed both of these passions. With the pancakes reminding them of both a vinyl record and crepe material, the name Crepe Records came to life.


Crepe Records Idea


A few years later they took the leap and launched Crepe Records. Core to the brand, is only working with the best suppliers who care about their people and the environment. Crepe Records wanted to offer music inspired clothing that was designed to not only be desirable and fun, but also ethical, making you feel good about wearing it as well as looking good dressed in it!

From new music recommendations on the blog, inspiring DJ mixes and a strong ethos for creating inspiring ethical fashion, their passion for music continues to be at the heart of the company.



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